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Marble Valley


Interview (2008)

Marble Valley - Interview

A multi-national English/Dutch/American coalition, Marble Valley are former Pavement and Silver Jews member Steve West's current band. In a hilarious chat, Sarah Maybank talks to him, drummer Andy Dimmack and keyboardist Carl Hogarth, about their recently released fourth album, 'Slash and Laugh'

Interview (2008)

Marble Valley - Interview

In what is our second interview with him, John Clarkson speaks to Richard Neuberg from London-based Americana act Viarosa about his group's second album, 'Send For The Sea' and the developments in his song writing since their first album, 'Where the Killers Run'


Wild Yams (2008)

Comfy-sounding stoner rock on latest album from Marble Valley, the current project of former Pavement member, Steve West



Brighten the Corners Pavement - Brighten the Corners

Jamie Rowland examines influential indie rock outfit Pavement's 1997 fourth album, 'Brighten the Corners', which has just been re-released in a new double CD edition


All Tomorrow’s Parties, Minehead, June 2010 Pavement - All Tomorrow’s Parties, Minehead, June 2010

Mark Rowland relives his favourite gig of all time, a long-awaited chance to see Pavement at their curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead

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