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Magnetic Fields


Leadmill, Sheffield, 15/3/2010

Magnetic Fields - Leadmill, Sheffield, 15/3/2010

At the Leadmill in Sheffield Denzil Watson watches Bad Lieutenant, the post-New Order band of Bernard Sumner, play a distinctive set which unfolds to include his past exploits as well as his new group's first album

Barbican, London, 22/3/2010

Magnetic Fields - Barbican, London, 22/3/2010

Rachel Williams sees Magnetic Fields play both a surprising and an experimental set in a fantastic peromance at the Barbican in London

Stora Vega, Copenhagen, 2/10/2004

Magnetic Fields - Stora Vega, Copenhagen, 2/10/2004

In the smokey atmosphere of the Stora Vega in Copenhagen, Tommy Gunnarsson watches the Magnetic Fields put on a "fascinating" and compelling performance


Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2017)

Magnetic Fields - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In '10 Songs That Made Me Love...', Tommy Gunnarsson boils down his love for New York based band The Magnetic Fields to just ten songs, which is easier said than done


Love at the Bottom of the Sea (2012)

Stunning tenth album from Magnetic Fields, which finds Stephin Merritt returning to the synthesizer sounds of his earlier records



Russian Futurists
Interview with Matt Hart Rusty Squeezebox - Interview with Matt Hart

Canadian indiepop act the Russian Futurists has drawn comparisions with the Magnetic Fields, Leonard Cohen, the Flaming Lips and the Human League. John Clarkson speaks to mainman Matt Hart about the band's acclaimed first two albums


Re : view-Magnetic Fields
69 Love Songs Lost It. Com - 69 Love Songs

Running to three volumes, '69 Love Songs' is the Magnetic Fields masterwork. Emma Haigh says that "nowhere in the history of pop does an album come so close to capturing love’s jaundiced oversights, alienating highs and grateful awe"

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