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Magic 12


Interview (2009)

Magic 12 - Interview

In his fourth interview with us, Toby Ingalls speaks to John Clarkson about his Boston-based band Magic 12's retrospective compilation, 'Pushing Up the Daisies', which he is making available for postage and packaging costs, and now that that band is over his return to making music after a long break

Interview-Divorce and the Single Man (2002)

Magic 12 - Interview-Divorce and the Single Man

Back for a third interview with Pennyblackmusic, Magic 12 frontman Toby Ingalls, talks to John Clarkson about the group's new album 'High' and how he managed to get it completed when his band broke up just before it was due to go into the studio

Interview (2002)

Magic 12 - Interview

Of the many groups on the vibrant Boston independent music scene, Magic 12, which has just released its second album ‘Dear Diary’, has one of the most eclectic and experienced line-ups and memberships

Interview (2002)

Magic 12 - Interview

'Magic 12' has in its line-up several of the best known members of the Boston independent music scene. Pianist Beth Heinberg and drummer and percussionist Nancy Asch have toured and also record with t


High (2002)

Haunting and evocative third album from alt. rock group Magic 12, which, finding the Boston group moving in new pop direction, proves to be its "most experimental and eclectic album to date"

Dear Diary (2001)

Unfashionably understated, Magic 12’s eponymous debut album was one of the finest small American independent label releases of the late nineteen nineties. Nearly two years on from when it came out in

Live (2001)

It has been almost exactly a year since Magic 12 released their acclaimed second studio album 'Dear Diary'. The cult Boston five piece were once described as "somewhere between the Velvet Underground

Magic 12 (2001)

Magic 12's music comes from the heart and soul. The band's lovingly crafted eponymous debut CD merges poetic lyrics and hauntingly soft melodies together in a sound that simmers and aches with gentle,

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