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Lou Barlow


Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005

Lou Barlow - Babylon, Ottawa, 4/10/2005

Lou Barlow has had a storied career in indie music, first with Dinosaur Jr., then with Sebadoh/Sentridoh and the Folk Implosion. but has now turned solo. At a show in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches him give an understated but sublime performance.


Reason to Live (2021)

Fourth solo album from Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh member, folky and lo-fi in style, only partly justifies its existence.



Bakesale Sebadoh - Bakesale

Richard Lewis examines ex-Dinosaur Jr. guitarist Lou Barlow's band Sebadoh's 1994 fourth album, 'Bakesale'


Dinosaur Jr
Profile Dinosaur Jr - Profile

After Lou Barlow's departure from influential late 80's grunge group Dinosaur Jr the band carried on with J Mascis taking the helm. Mark Rowland looks at the band's first post-Barlow albums, 'Green Mind' and 'Where You Been' which have been reissued

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