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Interview (2008)

Kelman - Interview

In what is our fifth interview with him, John Clarkson speaks to former Baptiste front man Wayne Gooderham about the surprising tentative optimism of his current band Kelman's second album, 'I Felt My Sad Heart Soar'


Albany, London, 11/10/2007

Kelman - Albany, London, 11/10/2007

At a show at the Albany in London organised by the Uptight club, Ben Howarth watches one-time Pennyblackmusic Bands Night stars Kelman and Joe Gideon and the Shark play high quality sets

Betsy Trotwood, London, 10/5/2005

Kelman - Betsy Trotwood, London, 10/5/2005

With both a new album and single on the way, Kelman recently played the intimate Betsy Trotwood in central London. Dominic Simpson finds much to commend in their reflective, heartbreaking material


I Felt My Sad Heart Soar (2008)

Excellent, frequently surprising second album of dark, haunting melodies and atmospherics from fine London-based trio, Kelman.

Is This How It Ends ? (2007)

Heartbreakingly honest and magnificent download only single from London group Kelman

Loneliness Has Kept Us Alive (2006)

Monochromic, but epic set of confessions of drunken scrapes, one night stands and brief, doomed love affairs on masterly debut album by London trio Kelman

The Heart Is A Useless Ally (2006)

More upbeat sounding second single from London-based melancholists Kelman, the first to feature new keyboardist Paul Ragsdale

The Happiest Man Alive (2005)

Sparse, but powerful debut single from Kelman, the the current band of former Baptiste members and West London brothers Wayne and Marc Gooderham



Interview Baptiste - Interview

After the collapse of their indie guitar band Baptiste last year, brothers Wayne and Marc Gooderham have formed a new band, Kelman. Wayne Gooderham talks to john Clarkson about his new starker change of direction


Rothko, Kelman and Moly
Arts Cafe, London, 28/10/2003 Rothko - Arts Cafe, London, 28/10/2003

Olga Sladeckova watches strongs sets by three of London's best bands, Rothko, Kelman and Moly, in the small, but intimate setting of the London Arts Cafe


Penny Black Music Bands Night
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

We profile our 10th Penny Black Music Bands Night, which will take place from 3pm on September 9th at the London Spitz and feature sets from the Bitter Springs, Hey Negrita, Rothko, Friends, Saint Joan, Kelman and Joe Gideon as well as music from the DJs at Uptight

Pennyblackmusic Bands Night 3
Report Miscellaneous - Report

The third Pennyblackmusic Bands Night took place on August 2nd, and featured excellent sets from Lupine Howl, Bikini Atoll, the Lazarus Effect and Kelman. We look back on a fantastic evening

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