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Katy Carr


Interview (2011)

Katy Carr - Interview

In 1942 Kazik Piechowksi escaped from Auschwitz by stealing the commandant's car. London-based singer-songwriter Katy Carr talks to John Clarkson about the song she has written about it, 'Kommander's Car', and going to Poland to meet and make a documentary about the 90 year old war veteran


Paszport (2012)

Atmospheric third album from London-based singer-songwriter Katy Carr, which tells the story of Kazik Piechowski, her adopted grandfather, a member of the Polish resistance movement, who escaped from Auschwitz

Kazik and the Kommander's Car (2012)

Quietly powerful DVD documentary in which London-based singer-songwriter Katy Carr travels to Poland to present former political prisoner, Kazik Piechowski, with her song ‘Kommander’s Car', about his escape seventy years before from the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau

Coquette (2009)

Evocative and surprisingly effective themed latest album from London-based singer-songwriter Katy Carr , which draws both musically and lyrically from World War II for its inspiration

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