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Nettwerk Music Group


Admiral Fallow (2012)

Tree Bursts in Snow
Innovative amd optimistic nu-folk on second album from much acclaimed Glaswegian group, Admiral Fallow

Erin Mckeown (2005)

We Will Become Like Birds
Bright and breezy folk pop on fourth album from Massachusetts-based singer songwriter Erin McKeown

Great Lake Swimmers (2012)

New Wild Everywhere
Atmospheric and cinematic country-infused Americana on second album from Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers

Pack A.D. (2014)

Do Not Engage
Passionate and powerful fifth album from Canadian garage rock duo, the Pack A.D.

Tony Dekker (2013)

Prayer of the Woods
Melancholic and spiritual 70’s-Californian folk-influenced solo album, recorded in an Ontario church, by Canadian singer-songwriter and Great Lakes Swimmers front man, Tony Dekker

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