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Sargent House


Boris (2014)

Impressive rock album from always unpredictable Japanese experimentalists, Boris

Dead Forest Index (2016)

In All That Drifts from Summit
Slow-growing but sublime new album from potential future leaders of the bleak wave, New Zealand-formed but now London-based duo A Dead Forest Index

Emma Ruth Rundle (2014)

Some Heavy Ocean
Atmospheric and dark 90’s-influenced album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and Red Sparowes guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle (2016)

Marked for Death
Second solo album from Marriages and Red Sparrowes singer-songwriter Emma Jane Rundle is an austere but largely rewarding listen

Fang Island (2010)

Fang Island
Surprisingly upbeat and exuberant rock on debut album from Fang Island, the new instrumental project of Nicholas Sadler, the former guitarist with hardcore noise group, Daughters

Marriages (2012)

Icy, but riveting post-punk on debut mini-album from Los Angeles band Marriages, the side project of Emma Rundle and Greg Burns from Red Sparrows

Marriages (2015)

Outstanding first full-length album from Californian trio Marriages, which combines post-punk and shoegazing influences

Russian Circles (2011)

Abrasive fourth album from Chicago post-metal act Russian Circles, whose loudness does nto compensate for a lack of originality

Russian Circles (2013)

Enthralling fifth album from dark Chicago-based instrumental post-rock trio Russian Circles, which features a guest appearance on vocals from singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe

This Town Needs Guns (2013)
Well crafted, but sometimes clinical and bland second album from Oxford-based maths rock outfit, This Town Needs Guns

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