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Marriages - Kitsune

  by Paul Waller

published: 27 / 8 / 2012

Marriages - Kitsune
Label: Sargent House
Format: CD


Icy, but riveting post-punk on debut mini-album from Los Angeles band Marriages, the side project of Emma Rundle and Greg Burns from Red Sparrows

With Marriages hailing from Los Angeles, you wouldn’t expect the debut mini-album from them to feel so cold but there is an icy sheen to this record, more so than with any of Emma Rundle and Greg Burns’ previous output with their mother group Red Sparrows. With the guitars set to reverb and using latter day Jesus and Mary Chain and ‘Disintegration’-era Cure as a template. opener ‘Ride in My Place’ finds its feet soaked in the past. Yet by the time fourth track ‘Pelt’ is underway the band suddenly come into their own. It’s a weird muggy track with undistinguishable spoken words buried under the mulch, but it ties the album together perfectly allowing the track that follows, the instrumental ‘White Shape’, to soar. Running for almost seven minutes, album closer ‘Part the Dark Again’ pretty much relies on conventional song structure to feel its way through its running time. There is even a vocal hook in the repeated phrase “Don’t say it’s nothing”. From the albums six tracks this is the one which will stand out for many due to its immediateness. but it’s just weird enough to warrant it’s inclusion on this cold, cold record. I hope the follow up to ‘Kitsune’ doesn’t stray too far from the murky musical landscape that Marriages have created here. It’s quite a unique situation to be in having a side project that is better than the original group. and it will be pretty interesting to see how Marriage progresses.

Track Listing:-
1 Ride in My Place
2 Body of Shade
3 Ten Tiny Fingers
4 Pelt
5 White Shape
6 Part the Dark Again

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