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In the Red Records


Clone Defects (2003)

Shapes Of Venus
Enthusiastic snotty, trash punk rock from the Clone Defects back with a second album, 'Shapes of Venus, that "broadens their sound with some killer riffs, freaky guitar splatter and ace lo-fi reverb"

Dan Melchiors Broke Revue (2002)

Bitterness, Spite, Rage and Scorn
Excellent second release on the In the Red label from long-serving rockers, which manages to "take a completely new approach to this whole garage meets R&B" scene

Deadly Snakes (2003)

Ode To Joy
Darkly enjoyable third album from unpretentious Toronto-based garage rockers, the Deadly Snakes, which finds them moving in a more gospel-influenced direction

Demon's Claws (2007)

Satan's Little Pet Pig
Sparky alcohol-induced hillbilly garage rock from new Montreal-based band Demon's Claws

Dirtbombs (2003)

Dangerous Magical Noise
Third album from Detroit's the Dirtbombs that "keeps up the rockin’ energy" of their two previous albums, but which pushes "the band’s sound, songwriting and musicianship to even greater heights"

Dirtbombs (2008)

We Have You Surrounded
Likeable fifth and latest album from Detroit-based garage rockers, the Dirtbombs

Dirtbombs (2011)

Party Store
Fabulous covers album from acclaimed Detroit garage rockers, the Dirtbombs, who have taken 80's and 90's techno classics from their home city and reinjected them with a new lease of life

Fuzz (2013)

Flawed but exhilarating garage rock on debut album from Californian trio Fuzz, which includes the much acclaimed singer-songwriter Ty Segall on drums

Hunches (2002)

Yes. No. Shut It.
Appalling produced, but otherwise excellent "energy fuelled rock and roll" from New York four piece, the Hunches

King Brothers (2001)

The King Brothers
More stellar garage punk from our friends out East, this time a trio hailing from Osaka, Japan, which consists of Keizo Matsuo on vocals and guitar, Masafumi “Marya” Koyama on guitar and "scream" and

Now Time Delegation (2001)

Watch For Today
This is a great album on In The Red Records...already one I know for sure that I'll be tacking on to my top 10 list for 2001. Fans of the Bellrays will already be familiar with Lisa Kekaula’s voice,

Strange Boys (2009)

Strange Boys and Girls Club
Astonishingly mature debut album from Texan five-piece, the Strange Boys, who play an addicictive combination of sixties punk,country and western, beat music and psycho rock'n roll

Strange Boys (2010)

Be Brave
Intoxicating cocktail of sixties punk tunes and bluesy ballads on second album from Austin, Texas-based garagre rockers, the Strange Boys

Vivian Girls (2009)

Everything Goes Wrong
Fabulous second album from New York trio the Vivian Girls, which while having an element of C86 about it, finds their tales of broken hearts also having a widescreen cinematic edge to them

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