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Alex Harvey (2010)

Alex Harvey Presents the Loch Ness Monster
Obscure and odd, but surprisingly moving solo recording from the late Alex Harvey, for which he conducted in 1976 a series of interviews with various people who had claimed to have seen the Loch Ness Monster

Anderson/Wakeman (2010)

The Living Tree
Lush and atmospheric joint album which uses nature as its main theme from Yes members, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman

Anthony Phillips (2010)

Pathways and Promenades: Missing Links Volume IV
Excellent largely instrumental collection of rarities from former original Gensis guitarist, Anthony Phillips

Chris Thompson (2009)

Superb compilation of original and cover material from former Manfred Mann's Earth Band frontman, Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson (2009)

Backtrack 1980-1994
Competent, but often forgettable retrospective of solo work from Chris Thompson, the former front man with Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Giles Brothers (2010)

The Giles Brothers 1962 > 1967
Fascinating compilation of the work of 60's act the Giles Brothers, who would later on appear in the early King Crimson

La Femme Verte (2011)

Small Distortions
Eclectic and captivating collection of cover versions of familiar tunes which have been been remarkably overhauled by La Femme Verte, which includes Julianne Regan and Gene Loves Jezebel's Jay Aston

Mark E. Smith and Ed Blaney (2008)

Smith and Blaney
Raw and unpolished, but appealing and also valiant joint album between the Fall's Mark E. Smith and that band's former manager and one-time guitarist Ed Blaney

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