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Righteous Babe


Anais Mitchell (2008)

Hymns for the Exiled
Intelligent and original gorgeous acoustic folk-pop on new album from American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, who releases her records on Righteous Babe Records, the label owned by singer Ani DiFranco, and whose records have a similar uncompromising power

Anais Mitchell (2010)

Remarkable and ambitous third album from American-singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, which taking its inspiration from Greek legend, sets new standards in music

Ani DiFranco (2008)

Red Letter Year
Stunning new album from feminist and folk artist Ani DiFranco, which after the bleakness of her last album 'Reprieve' finds her moving in a warmer, richer and more optimistic direction

Ani DiFranco (2011)

Which Side Are You On?
Passionate and politically astute first album in three years from singer-songwriter and activist, Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco (2017)

Essential new album from New York State-based singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, which is by a distance the most ambitious and inspiring record to have been released this year

Hamell on Trial (2008)

The Terrorism Of Everyday Life: Live From Edinburgh
Lo-fi, but abrasive live album recorded at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival from New York-based singer-songwriter and social satirist, Hamell on Trial, which twisting common interpretations of reality into new and exciting shapes reveals to its listener the modern world in a new light



Anais Mitchell
Interview Anais Mitchell - Interview

American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell recently signed to Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label. Ben Howarth at a show at the Luminaire in London speaks to her about politics and her exceptional new album, 'The Brightness'


Anais Mitchell
Luminaire, London, 21/1/2009 Anais Mitchell - Luminaire, London, 21/1/2009

Signed to Ani Difranco’s Righteous Babe Records, American singer-songwriter has been making an increasing impact in Britain. Guest reviewer Charles Howarth watches her play a emotive set to an entranced audience at the Luminaire in London

Anais Mitchell and Erin McKeown
Luminaire, London, 25/1/2010 Anais Mitchell - Luminaire, London, 25/1/2010

At the London Luminaire Ben Howarth sees Anais Mitchell and her label mate at Ana di Franco's Righteous Babe label Erin McKeown play an exuberant acoustic set to promote Mitcherll's forthcoming folk opera, 'Hadestown'

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