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Pronoia Records


Great Medical Disaster (2012)

Die You Bitch, Cruel Architect
Attention-seeking but soon dull post-rock on debut album from Oxfordshire-based band, Great Medical Disaster

Helene (2009)

Agreeable dreamy and country influenced indie rock on fifth album from London-based group, Helene

Red Star Line (2005)

Red Star Line
Likeable, but marred first album from new East London band Red Star Line, who include Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes and Rage Against The Machine among their influences

Viarosa (2005)

Where The Killers Run
Diverse, complex and ultimately redemptive debut album from outstanding London six piece Viarosa, which encompasses elements of rock, folk, country and the blues

Viarosa (2008)

Send For The Sea
Staggeringly life-affirming and diverse second album from London-based Americana project, Viarosa

Vinny Peculiar (2007)

Goodbye My Angry Friend
Accomplished seventh album from Mancurian singer-songwriter Vinny Peculiar, whose current band includes Mike Joyce from the Smiths on drums and on guitar Bonehead from the original line-up of Oasis

White Lies (2005)

White Lies
Debut single from new Brit rockers White Lies, whom seems destined to make Top 10 and NME column space

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