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Great Medical Disaster - Die You Bitch, Cruel Architect

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 18 / 3 / 2012

Great Medical Disaster - Die You Bitch, Cruel Architect
Label: Pronoia Records
Format: CD


Attention-seeking but soon dull post-rock on debut album from Oxfordshire-based band, Great Medical Disaster

With an attention-begging band name and an attention-begging album title, and sounding as if Mogwai never released a single record, Great Medical Disaster are exactly what one may have dreaded to hear. They play loud post-rock and jingle-jangle from grampa's rocking chair. Alternating with outbursts, where they really rawk out, the woven patterns result in a tapestry of bad taste. Some 35 years ago, punk came about as a revolt into style. GMD are like a poor man's Emerson, Lake and Palmer of 2012. Progressive mock is what it is. On 'Lambs' GMD sound like Mud after they lost the plot. Unintentionally fun one moment, more attention-seeking the next, they soon become boring. There is plenty of anger and vigour on 'The Beatification of Cardinal Newman' as the consistent plagiarism almost becomes a virtue. This album should go straight to number one on the Rotten Tomatoes chart.

Track Listing:-
1 Jesus Loved The Nun-chucks
2 Loose Lips
3 Lambs
4 Man United Killed Rod Hull
5 The Beatification Of Cardinal Newman
6 Jackboot

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