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Fat Fox


British Beef (2005)

Without Me
Compellingly upbeat ska rock on excellent new debut single from Swindown four piece British Beef

Hey Negrita (2005)

Old Britannia
Excellent latest single from darkly humorous London-based blues-influenced American group Hey Negrita

Hey Negrita (2008)

Stunning new single from Americana group Hey Negrita, who having survived significant line-up changes have their third album out later this year

Hey Negrita (2008)

You Can Kick
Superb third album from London-based country/blues band Hey Negrita, which, despite its often bleak subject matter and recorded at the end of a particularly turbulent time in the group’s career, proves to be ultimately an album of fun and defiant hope

Hey Negrita (2009)

Burn the Whole Place Down
Energetic and fresh-sounding acoustic reworkings of old material on latest album from London-based country/blues outfit, Hey Negrita

Hey Negrita (2005)

Devil In My Shoes
Refreshingly free of self-pity autobiographical rock from Dylan-inspired former heroin addict Felix Bechfolsheimer's new band Hey Negrita

Will Hanson (2009)

Hope On Top
Melodic, but monotonous mini debut album from young British folk singer and songwriter, Will Hanson

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