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Bongo Beat


CR Avery (2008)

Magic Hour Sailor Songs
Forceful and individual-sounding latest album from Canadian poet and self-proclaimed hip hop beatbox blues harmonica spoken word Americana act, C.R. Avery

Kevin Kane (2008)

How to Build a Lighthouse
Appealing and easy-on-the-ear third solo and first electric album from talented Canadian-based singer-songwriter Kevin Kane, who has a diverse range of 60's pop influences

Kimberley Rew (2005)

Essex Hideaway
Versatile fourth solo album from ex-Soft Boys and Katrina and the Waves guitarist, Kimberley rew

Lauren Agnelli (2005)

Love Always Follows Me
Disappointing and banal collection of torch songs from former 'Creem' journalist and member of the 70's CBGB's scene Lauren Agnelli

Plastic Heroes (2008)

Escape the Lower End
Potentially promising, but ultimately heavily flawed debut album from 60's-influenced London-based alternative rockers, Plastic Heroes

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