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Anthony Atkinson (2003)

Mental Notes Aplenty
Debut limited three track vinyl for former Mabels frontman, Anthony Atkinson, who combines his 'strong ear for melody' with 'a storyteller's perspective of narrative'.

Bear Quartet (2004)

Worthwhile introduction on 8" vinyl to diverse, long-serving Swedish group the Bear Quartet, which features tracks from four of their twelve albums

Luke Hirst Aka The Saint (2004)

Luke Hirst Aka The Saint
Musically sunny and laid back, and lyrically world weary new Ep from teenage prodigy Luke Hirst, who proves to sound surpisingly old for his tender years

Mundane Music (2003)

EP1: A Place In Mind
Very personal, but easy-on-the-ear electronica from anonymous Manchester-based musician, Mundane Music

Roy Moller (2005)

Second City Firsts
Limited edition 8" by Scottish indie popster Roy Moller, "surely...estined to be traded by indie kids on eBay at vastly inflated prices at some point in the future"

Yam Yams (2005)

At Home With...
Eclectic indie rock from new guitar and drums duo the Yam Yams, who are "a band to keep an eye out for"



Interview with Edward Jung Miscellaneous - Interview with Edward Jung

The former owner of Emma's House Recordings, Edward Jung is back with a new 8" limited edition label, Heliotone. He talks to John Clarkson about starting over

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