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Scratchy Records


Bromide (2012)

Some Electric Sometime
Musically upbeat, but lyrically bruised fabulous first studio album in fifteen years from Bromide, the project of London-based singer-songwriter and musician Simon Berridge

Bromide (2015)

I Remember
Affectionate tribute to musical memory on cassette only new single from London-based alternative rock trio, Bromide

Full English Breakfast (2013)

Candy in Weightlessness
Imaginative second album from Full English Breakfast, the project of electronic musician and one-man band, Alvin Spetz

Joey Herzfeld and His So-Called Friends (2016)

Are Watching You
Excellent and unusual debut album from London-based band Joey Herzfeld and His So Called Friends whose instrumentation includes accordions, mandolins and ukeleles

Jonny Velon (2017)

Goodness Flows
Bristolian singer-songwriter Jonny Velon’s debut album which captures fine art rock with great imagination

Rafa Russo (2019)

This Strange Place
Reflective and atmospheric album from London-based m singer-songwriter Rafa Russo who is also an award-winning screenplay writer

That Will Be Lunch (2016)

The Mixtape of Things
Unusual electronica from That Will Be Lunch, the project of electronic musician and one-man band, Alvin Spetz

That Will Be Lunch (2020)

Play That Funky Music
Offbeat but unique and endearing cover of classic 1976 hit by That Will Be Lunch, the project of electronic solo musician Alvin Spetz



Interview Bromide - Interview

John Clarkson chats to Simon Berridge , the front man with London-based indie trio Bromide, about his confessional new album, 'I Remember', and label, Scratchy Records

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