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That Will Be Lunch - Play That Funky Music

  by John Clarkson

published: 30 / 10 / 2020

That Will Be Lunch - Play That Funky Music
Label: Scratchy Records
Format: 7"


Offbeat but unique and endearing cover of classic 1976 hit by That Will Be Lunch, the project of electronic solo musician Alvin Spetz

If a cover is worth doing, then it should be done completely differently. Electronic solo musician Alvin Spetz puts that theorem very firmly to the test but with successful results on 'Play That Funky Music', his new single, which was released on 7" green vinyl by his label, the always excellent Scratchy Records, for Record Store Day. Spetz has now released three albums of quirky and eccentric electronica, two under the moniker of Full time Breakfast, and one under his new nom de plume of That Will Be Lunch. His main talent is for taking melanges of sounds that shouldn't really work with each other, and then welding them together seamlessly. On this cover of one hit wonders' wild Cherries' 1976 disco hit he does so again, throwing into the mix shimmering electronic beats, a surprisingly melancholic vocal, what sounds like a synthesized trumpet, screams and most bizarrely of all a cuckoo clock. Unique and endearing, Spetz takes a much loved classic song and then gives it new weight.

Track Listing:-
1 Play That Funky Music
2 Discarded Things

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The Mixtape of Things (2016)
Unusual electronica from That Will Be Lunch, the project of electronic musician and one-man band, Alvin Spetz

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