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Tongue Master


Broken Dog (2004)

Well-presented and packaged soft rock from long-serving North London duo Borken Dog, back with a fifth album

Last Harbour (2005)

Hold Fast, Pioneer
Darkly haunting and cinematic second album from Mancurian group Last Harbour with an affinity for fire and brimstone religious imagery

Mark Eitzel (2020)

The Ugly American
First-rate vinyl reissue of Mark Eitzel's controversial eighth solo album which was recorded with a group of Greek traditional musicians

Scene Is Now (2004)

Songbirds Lie
Adventurous and very experimental first album in 14 years from obscure New york art rockers, the Scene is Now


Interview (2004)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Despite only running for only three years, and having to date released just five 7" singles and four albums,Tongue Maste has already worked with some of the best known names in independent music. Owner Theodore Vlassopulos chats to John Clarkson

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