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We Love You


Bees (2001)

The Isle of Wight's finest Rivièra combo, the Bees introduce their unique blend of insular rhythms with Britpop sensitivity. First there was an excellent 7" release in a ridiculously small edition. T

I Am Kloot (2001)

Twist/ 86 TV's
Manchester’s I Am Kloot return with their second single, which shows just as much promise as their start of the millennium debut ‘Titanic’. I Am Kloot are not just any old indie band as their monik

I Am Kloot (2001)

Natural History
Manchester's 'I am Kloot' have been all too easily pigeon-holed into the nu-acoustic stool-gazing movement along with fellow Mancunian strummers Elbow and Alfie. Perhaps this doesn't do justice to the



Band Of Holy Joy
Interview Band Of Holy Joy - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to London-based alternative rock group the Band of Holy Joy front man Johny Brown about their latest two albums, ‘The Clouds That Break the Sky’ and ‘Funambulist We Love You’.

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