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Steve Roberts (2001)

It Just Is
Liverpool's Viper label has had a hand in both the history and the future, hence the release of the debut album of singer songwriter Steve Roberts. Roberts brings back the excellence in song compositi

Various (2003)

Ultimate 50s Rockin Sci Fi Disc
"High octane rock 'n' roll boogie" from new cowboy and sci-fi inspired compilation on the Viper label

Various (2003)

Ultimate 50's Rocking Horror Disc
Spectacular collection of obscure 50's and 60's songs with a loose horror theme, saved from the vaults by Liverpool's Viper label

Various (2006)

Protest! (American Protest Songs 1928-1953)
Superb and fascinating retrospective from Liverpool's the Viper label which compiles together American protest songs recorded between the years 1928 and 1953

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