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Smalltown Supersound


K-X-P (2010)

Offbeat, but satisfying Krautrock on debut album from experimental Finnish trio, K-X-P

Nisennenmondai (2009)

Destination Tokyo
Abrasive, but compelling fourth album from avant-garde, all-girl Japanese instrumental trio, Nisennmondai

Sunburned Hand Of The Man (2007)

Fire Escape
Accessible latest album from freeform psychedelic collective Sunburned Hand of the Man, which in their large catalogue proves to be their most coherent and concise in a while

Two Bands and a Legend (2007)

Two Bands and a Legend
Unsatisfactory reworking of classic rock tunes from the likes of PJ Harvey, the Sonics and the Cramps by supergroup of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz experimentalists and garage rcokers

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