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Ballboy (2001)

Girls Are Better Than Boys
This is the first ballboy EP that I have ever bought. Of course I had heard highpoints from the previous two on John Peel, but tracks like “Olympic Cyclist” (from the “I Hate Scotland” EP) took a wh

Ballboy (2001)

Club Anthems 2001
When you hear a really really great single by a new band, you often can’t wait to hear their full-length debut. And I must say that was the case with Edinburgh’s ballboy. When I heard their first EP,

Ballboy (2001)

I Hate Scotland
The first time I heard Ballboy was on a mixtape a couple of months ago. The song was called "Donald In The Bushes With A Bag Of Glue", and one of the reasons I liked it was because of the handclaps. Y

Ballboy (2002)

All The Records On The Radio Are Shite
Fourth EP from Edinburgh indiepop stars, which ,while it is not able to live up to the very high expectaions of its predecessors, still makes essential listening

Desc (2002)

Up Here In The Heat
Surprisingly unmelodic and disappointing debut mini album by new Edinburgh band which features ex-members of the Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ and Khaya

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