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Captain Soul (2001)

Beat Your Crazy Head
The band’s name is taken from a track on The Byrds 1966 album ‘Fifth Dimension’. The title of this album is a line from The Lovin’ Spoonful’s best ever record, ‘Darling Be Home Soon’ released in 1967.

Cosmic Rough Riders (2001)

Enjoy The Melodic Su
The Cosmic Rough Riders are from Glasgow and do not leave their city in shame. They are a guitar-based, indie pop band and formed in 1998, feature Daniel Wylie (lead vocals), Stephen Fleming (elect

January (2001)

I Heard Myself In Yo
There have been some excellent releases from the Poptones label over the last six months or so. Not content with issuing four outstanding CDs of sixties sunshine harmonic pop, all connected to the leg

King Biscuit Time (2005)

C I Am 15
Dub-friendly new single from former Beta Band star Steve Mason's previous side project and now new main act King Biscuit Time

Le Volume Courbe (2001)

Believe it or not, Alan McGee, the head of Poptones, has signed a deal with that lunatic genius Kevin Shields again. The last McGee-Shields collaboration (made in 1988 when McGee was heading Creation

Others (2004)

This Is For The Poor
Passionate and angry debut single from the already much acclaimed the Others, who prove capable of more than living up to the hype

Sailboats are White (2006)

Heartfelt hardcore on electronic-influenced debut album from abrasive Canadian-based punks, Sailboats are White

Souls She Said (2006)

As Templar Nites
Impressive Stooges and US underground-inspired indie rock on debut album from Souls She Said, the side project of Icarus Line singer Joe Cardamone and bassist Don Devore

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