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90 Degrees South (2002)

Plans For Travel
"Gorgeous bedroom electronica" in incredible packaging and with an emphasis on travel and escape from acclaimed Cheltenham-based post-rock group, 90 Degrees South

Applecraft (2004)

The Happiest Man Alive
"Unpredictable" and experimental second album from Lupine Howl offshoot project, Applecraft, which takes in elements of both punk and psychedelia

Avrocar And Yellow 6 (2002)

Live At Ochre 7
Live sets by ambient groups, Avrocar and Yellow 6, performed to celebrate their label, Ochre's seventh anniversary

Charles Atlas (2003)

worsted weight
Pleasant, but undemanding minimalistic post rock from critically acclaimed San Francisco three piece, Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas (2004)

To The Dust From Man You Came And To Man You Shall
Engimatic fifth album from San Francisco post-rockers and avant-garde instrumentalists, Charles Atlas

Electric Kool Aid (2003)

My True Intent Is For Your Delight
"Mature' largely instrumental, ambient debut for Electric Kool Aid, the nom de plume of Curtis Lewis who is also one half of other Ochre duo, the Bass Cadets

Land Of Nod (2002)

Double CD on Ochre label from long serving post rock duo, Land of Nod, which collects together 28 non album tracks, half of which are previously unreleased.

Land Of Nod (2003)

Inducing The Sleep Sphere
"Dark" post rock, which occasionally moves into Echo and the Bunnymen territory from long-serving Cheltenham band, the Land of Nod

Longstone (2003)

Archive: 03
2 hours+ double CD, which "highlights the weird and wonderful electronica world" of UK post-rock duo, Longstone

Mellow Drunk (2003)

Never Sleep At Night
"Richly intoxicating" second album from San Francisco five piece Mellow Drunk, whose frontman Leigh Gregory draws distinct comparisions with Steve Kilbey from the Church

Mellow Drunk (2004)

A Different Color On My Door
Sparse, but first-rate second release on the Ochre label for San Francisco five piece Mellow Drunk, which, while psychedelic in tone, manages to pull of the trick of not sounding retro

Mike Randle (2004)

Barstool Blues
Lacklustre econd solo album from Baby Lemonade and Love guitarist, Mike Randle, the songs on which work better live than as studio recordings

Thighpaulsandra (2004)

Rape Scene
Disappointing third solo album from Spiritualized keyboardist and Julian Cope, Coil and Damo Suzuki collaborator Thighpaulsandra

Will Sergeant (2003)

Weird As Fish / Le Via Luonge
Long overdue, and surprisingly contemporary first release of debut solo album recorded by Echo and the Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant recorded in 1978 shortly before he joined the group


Interview (2004)

Miscellaneous - Interview

First established in 1994, Cheltenham-based label Ochre Records now has over 50 albums and many more singles to its credit. Founder and owner Talbot chats to Olga Sladeckova about its eclectic history and first ten years

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