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Ad Vanderveen (2001)

One on One
Although he has yet to establish himself in Britain, Ad Vanderveen is one of the most successful singer-songwriters in Europe of the last decade. Over several groups he has built up a body of work th

Doug Hoekstra (2001)

Around The Margins
'Around the Margins' is the fourth solo album of the increasingly acclaimed Nashville-based musician and songwriter, Doug Hoekstra. Not perhaps surprisingly for a singer-songwriter hailing from the Te

Doug Hoekstra (2001)

The Past is Never Past
It has only been a few months since Doug Hoekstra launched his breakthrough fourth album 'Around the Margins', but now, even with appreciative reviews for it still coming in, the tireless Nashville ba

Ist (2002)

Pokalolo Paniolo
Cliched heavy metal excess from Toronto based group, fronted by Astrid Young

Tommy Carns (2001)

Get Up and Fall Down
Beware of Tommy Carns. He's a trickster. At first impressions, you might think this is another country boy folk album with some sort of modern twist. Well it is. But it's a lot more - press on past t

Young Astrid (2002)

Surprisingly disappointing and depressingly downbeat new album from Astrid Young, the sister of Neil Young

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