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Shaw's Trailer Park - Shaw's Trailer Park

  by Julie Cruickshank

published: 8 / 3 / 2024

Shaw's Trailer Park - Shaw's Trailer Park
Label: Swamp Song
Format: CD


Exciting debut album from neo-prog/progressive Brighton band collective Shaw’s Trailer Park

Shaw’s Trailer Park, a band based in Brighton, England, were founded by guitarist Tim Sanpher. Joined on second guitar by Simon Smith, with Andy Fraser on drums, bassist Mark Wilson and Donna Butler contributing backing vocals, sax and percussion, the band’s self-titled debut album has garnered acclaim around the South Coast and now seems set for plaudits further afield. ‘Don’t Do That’ opens the album, a Hawkwind-like melange of driving, fuzzy guitar and shouted vocals. ‘Crash Landing’ slows down the pace, teaming vocal harmonies and mellifluous guitar to create a slightly psychedelic feel. ‘Sun Device’ once again recalls the mighty Hawkwind; thrumming bass and deft drums are shot through with squawking saxophone. ‘Rainbow Man’, a pulsing, cymbal-heavy mid-tempo track is followed by ‘She’s Alright’, frenetic and almost punky. ‘Memory’ is a straight-up no-nonsense rocker while ‘Restraint’ employs reverb to enhance its kaleidoscopic sweep. Final track ‘Snakegirl’ judders and twists, discordant vocals paying tribute to the snakegirl of the title; “Shimmy faster shimmy faster/You’re what I like/Spiral spiral/Tumble and fall”. Shaw’s Trailer park have released eight songs of a quality which no doubt sound even more exciting when played live. An impressive and accomplished debut.

Track Listing:-
1 Don't Do That
2 Memory
3 The Answer
4 Queen of the Class
5 Restraint
6 Rainbow Man
7 House Without Love
8 She's Alright
9 Snakegirl

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