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Oneiros Way - The Dawn is Near

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Oneiros Way - The Dawn is Near
Label: Dischi del Minello
Format: CD


Experimental and distinctive electronica on debut album from Milan-based duo Oneiros Way

Out of Milan, Italy comes ‘The Dawn Is Near’, the electro-dreampop influenced debut album from aspiring duo Oneiros Way. It has dark shades along with some ethereal qualities, and blends together other sounds from trip-hop through to post-rock. Although the pair Regina and Claudio have taken the usual influences to create such a sound, they make it their own. They have also focused on experimentalism, and used an array of tools including acoustic pianos, banjos, analog drug machines, streams, empty bottles, an abundance of samples and - forgive me if II am wrong - but it even sounds like there are pots and pans in there. In an effort to keep up with bands like Beach House, Cocteau Twins and Massive Attack, which essentially they construct their sound around. they have also created a sound that is uniquely Oneiros Way. Maybe it’s the accent in the vocals or maybe the use of specific samples -I’m not really sure what -but they do have a distinctive sound of their own. It seems that ‘‘The Dawn Is Near’ is a foreign glimpse into our world and its wonders, touching on the passing of the hours, and the turning of the seasons and the splendour that brings to what can seem like a relentless barrage of light fading to night and into darkness. Other influences like rain, snow and fog all have a part, and then as constant as us ourselves it is back to light again. And so the cycle moves on. This is only my take on it, and I am sure that there are deeper undertones here but that’s what I get from it. Much of the album features slow and bass-driven electro-balladry but. as mentioned earlier, it does drift into dream pop with excellent vocals from both parties, and there is even a break from that with an instrumental thrown in for good measure. Highlights for me include the otherworldly ‘Raining Frogs’ along with the dreamy ‘Immersion’, which takes advantage of Regina’s cool glassy vocals. For a first album this is rather good, and Oneiros Way have the talent in abundance to take the project to another level even if I can’t pronounce their name in any way. What’s interesting is what will they do next? I for one will be waiting in anticipation.

Track Listing:-
1 Scura
2 Luna
3 Glass Bell
4 Alba
5 Raining Frogs
6 Rainfall
7 Immersion
8 Mourning
9 Conformista

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