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Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets - Under the Neon Heat

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 18 / 10 / 2021

Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets - Under the Neon Heat
Label: Greg Antista
Format: CD


Versatile album from Californiian elder statesmen Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets who maintain a punk attitude

What can I say? First impressions speak volumes. Listen to your gut instincts, rarely are you wrong. So when I first caught sight of this albums cover, four middle aged men far far from their salad days, I was already rooting for them. They look like they take no nonsense and that they know what they like, and they usually get it. And I hadn’t yet heard any of their music. Those of us who were actually around when Punk exploded sensed at the time the seismic culture shift that was taking place, right under our very feet. We were first hand witnesses. From The 100 Club to Eric's, disciples of an attitude were being prepared for a life’s work. If you think Punk was solely about music, you are missing the point. It was about attitude. A manifesto, a philosophy. And those who bore first hand witness to its impact, who felt the tired white pale and stale establishment actually tremble, knew that it would stay with us for the rest of our lives. And Greg Antista and his mob the Lonely Streets clearly embody that Punk philosophy. They may be thickening in the middle, but their sentiments and outlook are still acute and razor sharp. Musically, this is not by any stretch of the imagination a punk album. Crass it ain't. Repeated listenings to these jaded ears pick up hints of Green Day, Bob Mould and even Billy Bragg. Then lash in some country, rockabilly surf and the vocal harmonies of the Mighty Mighty BossTones, and you may be in touching distance of the Greg Antista recipe.The compositions and arrangements are taunt, with production values just what they need to be. There is so much to enjoy. Uptempo work outs - 'Broken Glass', 'Tijuana Jail', 'Rosalita', 'Down On Commonwealth' - are most satisfying, and would once, thirty-five years and five stone ago, prompt a spontaneous body slamming session. 'Warren Does Warren (Carmelita)' nicely throws in a curve ball to conclude the album, one which Mr Zevon would highly approve of. Time spent listening to this album is time well spent. Time spent by Antista within the Southern California punks scene all those years was equally well spent. Guys, we thank you for being time-served. Keep up the tremendous work. If you tour the UK - I’m there.

Track Listing:-
1 Down On Commonwealth
2 Feel Alright
3 Tijuana Jail
4 Rosalita
5 One More Mistake
6 Together Tonight
7 Lonesome Casualty
8 Unfinished Business
9 Broken Glass
10 Halfway To Whole
11 Warren Does Warren (Carmelita)

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