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Dodson and Fogg - Watch the Moon

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 26 / 11 / 2020

Dodson and Fogg - Watch the Moon
Label: Wisdom Twin Records
Format: CDS


Excellent latest EP from Chris Wade’s Dodson and Fogg project, this time coupled with a DVD displaying his film-making talents and which also features one of the prolific writer's best songs to date.

Multi-instrumentalist, author and film-maker, the multi-talented Chris Wade has put most other artists to shame with his output in this last decade. He first came to our attention via his music project, Dodson & Fogg, the initial results which were a kind of proggy/folk hybrid which very quickly became his trade mark and made him a firm favourite around these parts. At times Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Nick Drake and even Marc Bolan came to mind when listening to Wade's music. Wade had a knack of taking the listener on a musical journey and the fact that he could request some of his own musical heroes to help him out on occasions, especially on his earlier work, gave notice that he was respected by other artists. Then when we dug deeper, we noticed that Wade was no slouch as an author either. Never being content with releasing just a couple of Dodson & Fogg albums in a single year, Wade started publishing books at quite a rate too. Wade’s authored more than half a dozen fiction books and then there are his film guides and music biographies. Then came his films; like nothing you’ve seen before for the most part, their surrealness was really no surprise and they are fascinating. His latest foray into film is, unless he’s quickly released another one which would be no great surprise, a documentary on Marlene Dietrich. The latest Dodson & Fogg to come this way is in the form of a five-track EP in which he combines a couple of his talents. The EP is available as a download and also as CD/DVD pack from wisdomtwinsbooks.weebly.com/dodson-and-fogg-cds.html in which the songs from the EP are complimented by visuals. Taking the music on ‘Watch the Moon’ first, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Wade; dreamy soundscapes laced with blistering guitar solos and his laidback vocal style, a touch of blues here and there and more examples as to why he is still the most underrated guitarist of his generation. Wade once again produced, played and wrote everything on the ‘Watch the Moon’. It looks like another of Linzi Napier’s stunning works of art on the sleeve, possibly the most stunning Dodson & Fogg cover artwork to date. ‘That’s Why I Came Along’ opens the EP, and it’s classic Wade. It’s another lazy summer's day melody and instantly the listener is transported into Wade World. There are some lovely background vocals floating around too as well as one of Wade’s trademark electric guitar solos. ‘Through the Dust’ is an atmospheric piece, Wade showing his skill on the acoustic this time. The expected blast of electric guitar towards the end of the song never materialises as the mellowness which featured in the previous song flows gently. In the past it’s been Wade’s electric guitar which has prompted thoughts of Neil Young, but here the acoustic recalls Young too. ‘We’re All Searching’ is where Wade funks it up a little. Wade has a knack of introducing a bluesy vibe into certain songs and it’s on display here. Some of the more chiming guitar work is a little Byrdsian but the chugging blues and searing electric lead from Wade are the main attraction on this track. ‘Close of the Day’ boasts a lovely Spanish guitar sound, an instrumental which the title sums up perfectly. But maybe Wade saved the best for the closing track, ‘You Watch the Moon’, an absolutely gorgeous melody following on from ‘Close of the Day’ it really does feel like the perfect way to wind down at the end of yet another stressful day in these uncertain and worrying times. Wade’s excursions into film making are always interesting. In not being an expert on films, the easiest and closest comparison that instantly pops into my mind is some of the work that David Lynch has done. Some, I guess, would label Wade’s films weird, I’d call them fascinating. The visuals Wade has made available on DVD to accompany the ‘Watch the Moon’ EP, while typically the work of Chris Wade the film-maker, bring another element to the music. Listening to just the music on the EP is as rewarding as any other Dodson & Fogg album but when coupled with the visuals Wade has shot the music seems to take on another dimension; although there is a certain melancholy surrounding the music alone, his visuals take this a step further. Opening with birdsong and the instrumental track ‘Early Morning’ form the Dodson & Fogg ‘Outside’ album (A gorgeous Eastern flavoured piece which rates as one of Wade’s best performances), Wade’s images of the dawn of a new day as his camera scans the sky over rooftops as dialogue about Covid 19 plays immediately captures the attention. This segues into a cat sitting on a shed roof against a cloudy but blue sky as the first song from the EP plays. Birds pecking on the lawn and shots from inside the house looking out over a garden really capture the feeling of being a prisoner in your own home. Swans floating on the river as Wade’s electric guitar cuts in are particularly affecting; his work has always brought visions of water and floating to this mind. There’s a feeling of loneliness that the visuals bring out. Even in the sequences shot from a car there’s a sense of loss which isn’t so apparent when just listening to the music. Images of fields, country lanes, horses are all beautifully placed to add another dimension to these songs. There’s even a debate between Wade and his father sitting at the kitchen table around the halfway point about the “dynamics being way off” which is a brilliant addition. Wade senior deserves a few film offers after this performance. We should have expected, given Wade’s past achievements, that the accompanying visuals would be something else but Wade’s really hit a new peak here. The problem is we are going to want this type of package on future Dodson & Fogg releases; the visuals are that fascinating. “Way Off”, no, Chris, totally right on.

Track Listing:-
1 That's Why I Came Along
2 Through the Dust
3 We're All Searching
4 Close of Day
5 You Watch the Moon

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