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Ena - Wired EP

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 30 / 10 / 2020

Ena - Wired EP
Label: Arma
Format: 12"


Superiorly packaged and produced spooky electronics on a spotless EP from Tokyo-based experimental musician Ena

The Moscow club Arma hosted a myriad of events. For obvious reason most were kept under the radar. Now closed, Arma survives as a record label and, God Almighty, the label releases records manufactured at the best vinyl factory in the world. Londoners may disagree that it's not the Vinyl Factory in the midst of the Soho District, yet I insist it's Record Industry in Haarlem, NL. (And I'm not on the pay-roll) Formerly CBS/Sony and prior to the compact disc era it was already one of the largest and finest in the world. The 'Wired EP' by Yu Asaeda aka Ena might lure you into buying a new stylus on your record player. Let thee be warned though. Ena's music reminds me of the soundtrack to Andrei Tarkovski's film 'Stalker' with its desolate and alien industrial sounds. It is outstanding in its own merits. Slowly drifting away from the start on the A-Side, the busy tickling clicks on the keyboards on 'Pale' pressed me further. The original version of the title track takes one to a next level with its clean cut, calm chaos. Side 2 explores 'Wired' with the Jasss remix which only just recalls jazz music, before - the fourth and final track - 'Secondary Colors' rolls out like an enthralling exercise. Ena lines up a battery of sonics and, phew, do these sound like utter magic. This 'Wired EP' marks a stark statement. Product and artist quality meet on a superior platter. It is eloquently numb magic on a perfect sales item. It goes without saying that the vinyl comes in a protective polybag innersleeve. This is truly one of the finest examples of care in both experimental composition and post-production in the Year 2020.

Track Listing:-
1 Pale
2 Wired
3 Wired (Remix - JASSS)
4 Secondary Color

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