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Padraig Jack - Making Sand

  by Nicky Crewe

published: 6 / 10 / 2020

Padraig Jack - Making Sand
Label: Good Deeds Music
Format: CD


Debut album from Padraig Jack establishes him as one of the most exciting new contemporary singer songwriters to come out of Ireland

Padraig Jack’s roots lie in the Aran Islands, ten miles off the west coast of Ireland. The way of life on these islands inspired poets, writers and folklorists in the early twentieth century. As a heritage it is sure to have an impact. It’s not surprising that Padraig Jack is a recognisably Irish soul singer, writing and singing in both Gaelic and English. His father is bilingual songwriter Barry Ronan. His aunt on his mother’s side is Irish poet Mary O’Malley. Padraig Jack has appeared on television and radio in Ireland and he has been nominated and shortlisted for a variety of music awards there. His live shows and festival appearances are adding to his growing reputation, and he keeps good company with the musicians and artists he has supported, including Sharon Shannon, the Saw Doctors and Donal Lunny. This debut album taps into the tradition, with its instrumental arrangements and its use of Gaelic, while creating a very contemporary Irish sound. The music is upbeat, energetic and uplifting. There’s a promise of what it might be like to see him live in 'Black Drapes'. The title track, 'Making Sand', is a powerful song too. The track chosen as his new single, 'Minnie', is a love song with a twist.' Hello Mum' is heartbreaking when you listen to the lyrics. One one level it’s about estrangement and regret, but there’s another layer when you consider the Irish diaspora and the way families were broken and divided by emigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Several of the tracks are sung in Gaelic as well as English, including the bonus track 'Fighting Irish'. Padraig Jack tells us he’s influenced by Van Morrison, James Taylor, Shane McGowan and the Eagles. There’s a resilience about his music that must come from his own roots and should help him establish a strong following in the future.

Track Listing:-
1 Let It Shine
2 Gospel of Matthew
3 Streetbed Ridden
4 Making Sand
5 Minnie
6 Black Drapes
7 Hello Mum
8 Long Goodbye
9 Fighting Irish
10 Smaointe Cailte

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