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Danberrys - Shine

  by Nicky Crewe

published: 13 / 9 / 2020

Danberrys - Shine
Label: Singular Recordings
Format: CD


First-rate third album from Nashville-based Americana duo the Danberrys which take them from their acoustic roots to a darker and more powerful sound

Husband and wife duo Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry have their own story to tell. They first met as high school sweethearts, then parted company and pursued their individual musical careers and eventually got back together in 2006, moving to Nashville in 2008. In 2016 they were approached by Brian Brinkerhoff who wanted to work on a new album with them. He encouraged them to co-write the songs. This they did whilst on tour, calling in bluegrass songwriter Jon Weisberger on three of the songs featured. The recording process reads like a story too. The album was recorded in three days at Dagotown Recorders in Boston, including some live full band recordings. Producer and drummer is the Danberrys’ musical hero Marco Giovino who has worked with Robert Plant and Band of Joy in the past. The Danberrys tell stories and don’t shy away from sharing some of their own past experiences through their music. Their songs explore both the darker side of life and the hope that has to shine through in order that we can deal with it. As a result there is a powerful and dramatic energy to these songs. It’s no surprise that the title track is called 'Shine'. Dorothy Daniel’s fantastic voice is showcased on 'Francis', but she also comes into her own when Darrell Scott provides vocal accompaniment on the featured single 'The Mountain'. The final track, when she and Ben DeBerry sing in unison on 'Rain' is a perfect ending to the album, rain and shine. In interview she tells us that 'Holding the Bag' is her favourite, while Ben’s is 'Never Gone'. With twelve great songs to choose from you are spoilt for choice. 'The River' is Wide is about the emotional scars of childhood, healed by her meditation practice. While the sound and energy of their music is country blues, the stories go deeper and darker to a more spiritual place. My current favourites are 'The Mountain' and 'Undertow', and I love the driving beat of Maddie’s Ghost, with its echo of Band of Joy’s music. I’d love to see these songs played live. The Danberrys are definitely on my wish list for the future.

Track Listing:-
1 Shine

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