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Ben Kunder - Searching for the Stranger

  by Nicky Crewe

published: 13 / 7 / 2020

Ben Kunder - Searching for the Stranger
Label: Camino Music
Format: CD


Third album from Canadian musician Ben Kunder which continues his journey down the path of self-discovery through song writing and more than fulfills the promise of his earlier albums

I reviewed Ben Kunder’s 2018 album, 'Better Human', when it came out and was prepared to be impressed by his new release, 'Searching for a Stranger'. This is his third album. He’s a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist who has built both a strong following and a solid reputation through his albums and touring. He isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He has a beautiful and distinctive singing style, but the emotions and concerns he voices in his lyrics are just as important as his soulful vocals. There are ten new songs on this album, exploring his role as musician, parent and partner. 'Better Human' was about striving to be the best he could be at the time and this new album finds him growing and developing not only as a musician and songwriter, but also as a human being. It’s very personal and it’s extremely honest. The songs are thoughtful and thought provoking. You believe in him and his journey to find the stranger and the strange within himself. Guesting musicians help create a soaring and multilayered sound that is wonderfully accessible. Special favourites are 'Ghost', 'Lunenburg' with its amazing accompanying harmonies and 'Colours' which has a gloriously 60's feel. The album closes with the triumphant 'Spring', a time of growth and rebirth which sits perfectly with the mood and theme of this collection of songs. Kunder is quoted as saying "I have really discovered my voice as an artist and more than ever before I am trusting myself and my weirdness. 'Searching for a Stranger is not only about searching for something or someone different but about accepting that the strange and weird can be beautiful too."

Track Listing:-
1 Berlin
2 Stranger
3 Ghost
4 Year
5 Breakers
6 Lunenburg
7 Seul
8 Colours
9 Tornado
10 Spring

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