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Luke Tuschrerer - Carousel

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 17 / 3 / 2020

Luke Tuschrerer - Carousel
Label: Clubhouse Records
Format: CD


First-rate acoustic album from former Whybird Luke Tuchscherer, which was recorded in one day and mostly first and second takes

Former Whybirds member Luke Tuchscherer had us thinking of Tom Petty and Neil Young with Crazy Horse on previous outings, and, even though Young in solo acoustic mode is closer to the direction Luke has taken on this latest collection of self-penned songs. It’s far from an appropriate comparison for his latest album, ‘Carousel’. According to the notes in the CD booklet, Luke has wanted to make a live solo record ever since hearing ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’, and here it is… Luke also mentions that ‘Carousel’ was recorded in one day, although he had naturally rehearsed the songs for several hours because he wanted the album to be just first or second takes. While it’s a departure from the sound Luke has created on either his Whybirds or previous solo albums, the move to make a live solo acoustic album has paid off. With just his voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica (and a hint of percussion here and there?), and shorn of any embellishments, Luke has made the album he’s been wanting (and possibly needing) to create. And, although it’s a bold statement coming from someone who can remember buying ‘Freewheelin’ the year it was released, if given the choice today of which of the two albums to play and which would give me the most enjoyment it would be ‘Carousel’. No question! The majority of the songs are old; the opening cut, ‘My Darling England’ was written when Luke was 21 and was slated for inclusion on the Whybirds' ‘Cold Blue Sky’ album but never made it to the finished record. As Luke states, “Maybe it was better to wait until now” (with the Brexit circus still rolling along) to release the song. While it may have more relevance today. it displays just why Luke is so highly regarded as one of our foremost lyricists. (Okay, he now resides in New York City but he hails from Bedford originally and he’s one of ours with that talent!). “Since when were we afraid of our neighbours?/Since when did we bar all our doors?/This isn’t the place I grew up in/Tell me, when did our minds get so small?” That song, that line, is worth the price of admission alone. ‘The Billions’ is another fine example of how Luke can articulate how many feel but are unable to express those emotions in words. Complaining about how hard we have it is something most of us are guilty of at times. Luke, however, puts it into perspective with the lines “And I ain’t ever known the suffering of those who go to war” and "My heart may have been broken, but I ain’t never fired a gun, and, while some of my friends betrayed me, I ain’t ever lost a son” before promising the Lord that he’ll stop his bitching when he “brings those people peace”. Harmonica, gentle acoustic and his voice combine to hugely powerful effect. ‘Don’t Let Him Change You’ is possibly directed at a lost love who has moved on to another who is controlling; it urges the former lover not to lose the spark that defined her. It’s a chilling song but not as affecting as ‘Violets’ written about an obviously abused woman who came into the petrol station where Luke was working one night. “The violence of the violets contrasted ‘gainst porcelain white/Was burned into my eyes as he drove you out into the night.” Again, powerful lyrics that send shivers down the spine for all the wrong reasons. Of course, a title like ‘The Night Tom Petty Died’, given those past comparisons, has to be mentioned, but the song concerns Luke’s move to New York more than it does the actual sad passing of Petty. But again, especially for anyone who has not just moved from their home town but to another country, it will resonate strongly, Petty fan or not. The closing song is a gorgeous love song, ‘You Still Have My Heart’ is an extremely touching ode to a partner who has always been there, someone to rely on no matter what life throws at us. A perfect ending to an album that few could have seen coming from Luke Tuchscherer.

Track Listing:-
1 My Darling England
2 Be Loved
3 Don't Let Him Change You
4 The Billions
5 The Other Side
6 Carousel
7 Violets
8 Can't Wait
9 Potash
10 The Night Tom Petty Died
11 Road to Damascus
12 You Still Have My Heart

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