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Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - Scattersparks

  by Keith How

published: 21 / 9 / 2019

Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - Scattersparks
Label: Hip Replacement
Format: CD


Inventive and prolific songwriter Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Nathan Hall returns with another collection of mind-blowing songs with his latest project

While the wonderful Soft Hearted Scientists remain quietly on the back burner, Nathan Hall offers up his third album masquerading as Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals. 'Scattersparks' is made up of twenty-four songs and instrumental tracks, all wrapped up in a package of hazy vintage psychedelia. From the word go you slip into Hall’s mystical and fantastic imagination.'Rooms' has that signature warmth - gentle harmonies and otherworldliness that are his trademark. There are moments when you could be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled on a long forgotten album from the mid 1960s. Pastoral acoustic guitars, swirling Hammond organ and lovely harmonies, even some backward masking thrown in for good measure. Seamlessly blending a touch of Syd Barrett, Love and carefully constructed psyche pop melodies the listener follows the White Rabbit on a journey among Roman soldiers, leprechauns and unusual places! Strange? Yes but mysterious, intriguing and occasionally sinister. There is a “song” about a Pumpkin Patch for example. As with previous offerings, 'Scattersparks' is intriguing and listenable. Wrapped up inside this airy psychedelic and innocent exterior are glimpses of Nathan Hall’s inventive and creative mind. Songs about scarecrows and butterflies, strange goings on in Cardiff are all dispersed between short instrumental breaks. Despite the lyrical eccentricity, the album’s dreamlike production is both addictive and intoxicating allowing you to float away on this eclectic, wistful and charming record. 'Effigies', 'Tunguska Tydfil' and now 'Scattersparks. What a long strange trip it’s been. I am glad I bought a ticket. P.S. Breaking news from the South Wales undergrowth! Hiatus over. The Soft Hearted Scientists return with a new single covering the Bee Gees classic 'Please Read Me' and are threatening a new long-playing record ! Lovers of greatmusic breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Track Listing:-
1 Rooms
2 Sunrise sunset
3 Leprechaun lattes
4 Sleeping with one eye open
5 Pumpkin patch
6 Roman soldiers (dead and bored)
7 Samson's song of sweet comeuppance
8 Gold, bones and evil thrones
9 Sea glass man
10 Jaws of an orchid
11 Leprechaun lattes (unexpected free refill)
12 A crack in the comfort zone
13 I thought I was in Hawaii
14 Return of the butterflies
15 Stately home
16 Do it
17 Little mutinies
18 Scattersparks
19 Laika's song
20 Blood red door
21 Precarious position
22 Ghosts are not as strange as being alive
23 In a strange way, in Cardiff Bay
24 Unicorn horse

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