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Blue Orchids - The Magical Record of Blue Orchids

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 27 / 8 / 2019

Blue Orchids - The Magical Record of Blue Orchids
Label: Tiny Global Productions
Format: CD


Extraordinary covers album of previously undiscovered psych garage gems from acclaimed cult group Blue Orchids

To be perfectly candid, the Blue Orchids were not exactly high on my playlist (as if such a thing existed in the pre-digital age) at the time they were at their creative pomp, but this latest release proves why a re-valuation to the uninitiated is over due. Back in the day I found them a curious hybrid of The Fall, the Wedding Present and a mixture of US 'Freakbeat combos. And with this selection of Psych Garage covers, time has told me that I wasn’t far from the mark with my initial assessment. 'The Magical Record of Blue Orchids' is both a joy and an education. Firstly, it is nice to see a band stick to its musical philosophy with unswerving steadfastness: so what we are presented with is a collection of cool songs covered in pure Blue Orchids style. And do they deliver! Martin Bramah’s distinctive vocal register and delivery gives what he says a “respectful nod to the American bands that we love but given a very English interpretation and perspective”. This is displayed on their renditions of Optical Sound and rhe Third Eye. Secondly, Bramah and company take the listener by the hand and schools them in some undiscovered gems of the psych garage genre; and it really is great stuff. Highlights include 'Painted Air' by the Remaining Few, 'Don’t Sell Your Mind' by the mighty the Penny Saints, and the magnificent 'I’m A Living Sickness' by the incomparable the Calico Wall. This is a real album to spend some time with, as I can guarantee you will be richly rewarded. Immerse and enjoy!

Track Listing:-
1 Pavement And The Boot
2 I'm A Living Sickness
3 Meditation
4 Don't Sell Your Mind
5 Addicted To The Day
6 I'm Higher Than I'm Down
7 Painted Air
8 Optical Sound
9 The Third Eye
10 Love Is A Wave

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