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Spray - Failure is Inevitable

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 8 / 2019

Spray - Failure is Inevitable
Label: Analogue Trash
Format: CD


Half of chart-topping Peel darlings the Cuban Boys, Spray convincingly merge Euro disco and humour on their latest album

The mention of Mark and Louise on the sleeve brings back memories of how 15 years ago they worked as John Peel's assistants. Clever sillybillies the Cuban Boys received great help from the mighty man in their holy attempt to corrupt chart land with their single 'Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia'. Failing to cliff off Sir Cliff from the Christmas Number One position, the Cuban Boys tried one more time with 'Inertia Kicks' a tricky tribute to those many moments of disappointment that English football fans must have felt. Their bouncing Eurodisco pop was mixed with jolly cynicism, a winning concept you'd think. Looking back on the period with EMI Records with hilarity, Spray turn remorse into style. "I've been euthanised though I'm not dead/I'm being anthologised by Cherry Red." Jenny McLaren's voice, which is as ever still crystal clear, should appeal to Abba fans. They make perfect music to play to children as well. Their sweet sounds combine with words that they can learn wise lessons from. Teacher, however, might say that Spray create subversive music that ought not be listened to by young children. Spray churn out a couple of stunning belters. 'You Had Me at Easily Pleased' includes all the right ingredients for a winning Eurovision Song. Many songs on 'Failure is Inevitable' sound like variations on Abba's 'Does Your Mother Know?' such as 'Futuristic', which sums up all the doom and demise looming on us. "Let's go back to the good times of denial and alcohol," Jenny sings on the conclusive last track 'I Wonder Where The Wonder Goes', which in true style results in a grand finale. There is a good deal of discerning variety on the album. It's not just the smart dance pop music which stands out. A couple of disturbing short tracks and a few strumming songs, which almost sound like genuine rock music recorded for airplay on radio, can be found on this enjoyably-sequenced sixteen track album, which is available on digital and CD only and no LP. Hammering nonsensical music combines with equally hammering truthful lyrics. Too straight and honest for the hypocritical media slaves of today, 'Failure is inevitable' tap dances on the untimely stupidity which blasts and exhumes from many a car, cheap airplane flight and television show. In a perfect world, Spray would top the charts.

Track Listing:-
1 Here's One from the New Album
2 Astronomical
3 We Gotta Get Haircuts
4 Anthologised by Cherry Red
5 Chump (For My Love)
6 Waiting for The Boom
7 You Had Me at 'Easily Pleased'
8 Futuristic
9 The Interlude
10 Bluff It Again
11 Get a Load of This Guy
12 Inexplicable
13 Big Karma
14 Defenceless
15 Flim Flam
16 I Wonder Where the Wonder Goes

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