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Delicate Steve - Till I Burn Up

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 4 / 7 / 2019

Delicate Steve - Till I Burn Up
Label: Anti-
Format: CD


Challenging but riveting insturmental psychedelic rock on fifth album from New Jersey-based guitarist Delicate Steve

One of the great things about reviewing music is that it is a great way of expanding your knowledge. It is far too easy to live in a “cultural bubble”, to revisit old and trusted favourites, to dwell in an echo chamber which reinforces your own norms and preferences. So it was entirely refreshing to be given the opportunity to review the latest release from Delicate Steve, aka Steve Marion. This is his fifth album of the last ten years. 'Till I Burn Up' is a challenge for the Delicate Steve novice. No vocals. Just guitar driven tracks which at some points are akin to a sci-fi fantasy soundtrack - the titular track is a good case in point. It is hypnotic, the synth and drum patterns fusing together in aural forebodence. But it isn’t all sinister - Ghost being a meditative case in point. But this guy can really play his chosen instrument, and he manages to wrangle out pure serrated emotion against this chosen automated sonic backdrop. A good case in point is the track 'Freedom', with some nice guitar hooks, which may or may not unconsciously turn up on a major selling combo’s new album very soon. Also some of the drum patterns utilised reminded me of Bobby O on 'Mogadon'. You could say that Delicate Steve is a bit of a guitar hero (just check out 'Cartoon Rock' from 2017 'This is Steve') but with this new album we see this developing psyche-naut exploring new sonic territory. I suggest you buckle up and blast off with him. Intriguing.

Track Listing:-
1 Way Too Long
2 Freedom
3 Selfie of a Man
4 Till I Burn Up
5 Purple Boy
6 Ghost
7 Rat in the House
8 Rubberneck
9 We Ride on Black Wings
10 Vacant Disco
11 Madness
12 Dream

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