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Fabrizio Cammarata - Lights

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 7 / 2019

Fabrizio Cammarata - Lights
Label: 800A
Format: CD


Predictable Americana sung in English from clearly talented Italian singer Fabrizio Cammarata

It is completely beyond me why Fabrizio Cammarata refrains from singing in his beautiful native Italian. His English certainly isn't as clumsy as is the case with most of his compatriots yet his lyrics add nothing to his music, music which already is rather mediocre and predictable. He tries his best yet when he sings, "I needed you more", it actually sounds as if he sings, "I need ditch you more," bringing back fond memories of Joe Dolce. Whilst Fabrizio absolutely has the voice to become the next Al Green, he wastes the moment with this take at Americana with lyrics that will appeal to sarcasm in the English-speaking nations around the globe. By the end of the album, his strained songs may lead to your toes starting to cringe. Which is why I am desperately dissappointed. Fabrizio Cammarata genuinely could become a star. His voice, phrasing and diction sound very similar to Dutchman Duncan Laurence who this Year won the Eurovision Song Contest, including all the oohs and aahs - millennial outcries which Jeremy Paxman questioned on 'University Challenge' about a year or so ago. "Name that ooh. Name that aah." Fabrizio Cammarata ticks the boxes for all such clichés. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an authentic Italian album next.

Track Listing:-
1 All Is Brighter
2 Run Run Run
3 KV
4 Eileen
5 Under Your Face
6 Rosary
7 Timbuktu
8 Blue
9 Cassiopea
10 For My Heartbeats
11 My Guitar At 4 a.m.

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