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David Banks - Until the End

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 13 / 6 / 2019

David Banks - Until the End
Label: Little Red Recording Co.
Format: CD


Exceptional debut solo album from ex- Whybird David Banks fills in the gap left by Tom Petty’s passing and so much more

Although he undoubtedly has more musical talent in the little finger of his left hand than I have throughout my whole body, I wouldn’t want to be David Banks. I’d be bitter and angry and walking around with a scowl on my face trying to fathom out why I wasn’t a household name with my songs being played constantly on the radio. I’d also be a little tired of the constant comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and My Morning Jacket. On the other hand that’s not a shabby bunch of musicians to be compared to and, at the risk of annoying Mr. Banks even more, those comparisons do ring true. ‘Until the End’ is the former Whybirds frontman’s debut solo album and it’s a corker. We’ve raved about former Whybirds drummer Luke Tuchscherer’s solo albums, and noted that he’s taken inspiration from Neil Young & Crazy Horse with his solo work; while there are fleeting Young/Crazy Horse traces at times spread throughout the thirteen original songs on ‘Until the End’, the more one listens to the album the more those Tom Petty influences shine through. Here’s the thing: ‘Until the End’ doesn’t really break any new ground, Banks hasn’t created a new genre or even taken an existing one into unchartered territory, but he’s produced a stunning collection of songs which are deeply rooted in Americana with an unashamed nod to his influences which he wears proudly on his sleeve, songs which, it can be said, equally match any that bear the name of Springsteen or Petty; Banks really is that good. The set was produced by Banks and Chris Corney and mastered by Rodney Mills, it’s an inviting, friendly, full sound that embraces Banks' lyrics that mainly deal with the intricacies of relationships. Considering there are only three musicians on the album, Banks who plays guitars, keyboards, mandolin and harmonica, is joined by Tuchscherer on drums and Corney, apart from lending his producing skills, helps out on backing vocals, percussion, dobro and DLR Sampler. It’s a dense but never muddy atmospheric wall of sound that the listener will soak up instantly and feel part of. Banks covers the whole range of Americana; he rocks out on tracks such as the opening ‘Someone to Lean On’, It's a song so catchy that it’s the perfect start to capture the listener’s attention, and shows that he’s not only an exceptional guitarist but a more soulful singer than we’ve maybe previously given him credit for. He is not afraid to explore his country/soul side on ‘The Best of Me’ and can write a tender ballad like the closing title track. And that’s just the opening and closing tracks on an album that is still throwing out surprises with every play. It’s impossible to pick out a highlight as the one to go for if Banks is a new name to you. Every one of the thirteen songs (and that’s what they are, songs, well-crafted, perfectly played, expertly produced good, solid songs with melodies that register instantly) demands your attention; there are no highlights because the quality of the songs doesn’t dip throughout the whole album. ‘Until the End’ is special, one of those albums that will appeal to not only Petty/Springsteen fans, although they will find plenty to love here, but one that will be essential daily listening for anyone who appreciates melodic, thoughtful songs played by musicians who are making music for all the right reasons. It’s sad that the Whybirds are no more but so far we’ve been knocked sideways by solo albums by Tuchscherer and now Banks. Maybe it is a good thing that the band is no more, as we might not have heard these songs in this setting if they had stayed together.

Track Listing:-
1 Someone To Lean On
2 Right By Your Side
3 Waiting In The Rain
4 Call Me Up
5 Apologies From Sun St.
6 I Think I'm Gonna Be OK
7 Empty Space
8 Broken On The Floor
9 If You're Depending On Me
10 You Never Knew
11 Wasted
12 The Best Of Me
13 Until The End

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