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GypsyFingers - Stranger Things

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 22 / 2 / 2019

GypsyFingers - Stranger Things
Label: All Recordings
Format: CD


Beautiful and atmospheric ethereal folk rock from extraordinary UK-based duo Gypsyfingers

Gypsyfingers create ethereal folk rock and capture a true healing muse. The band is the duo of singer and songwriter Victoria Coghlan, who also plays piano and guitar, and producer Luke Oldfield, who features on guitars and vocals. (Luke is the son of 'Tubular Bells' composer Mike Oldfield.) 'Stranger Things' is their latest album release. They perform live with Gypsyfingers as a multi instrumental quartet. They have opened for Van Morrison and Michael Buble. The UK-based duo somehow captures a sound highly instrumental, tasteful and exquisite. The 'Stranger Things' opener 'Half World' begins flowing, mellifluous. Victoria Coghlan is singing about cold, grey and dusty days. Her voice is lovely: “I learned the hard way/I learned my lessons,” she sings. “I felt alive/Without you, I’d only die/I’ve been inspired.” 'Hey Maria' is upbeat and cheerful. “From my position here, the world seems quite open.” “Let’s take a walk in the sunshine,” Victoria sings, “Don’t let life pass you by.” An electric guitar stings, yet subtly. “I’m so relieved that I met you” is the lyric. Ethereal and folk flavoured, the vibe on 'The Bay' is once again lovely and flowing. 'Bruised' is spiritual: “All of your faith/Scanning the scriptures/Searching for something to believe.” Don’t carry the world on your shoulders,” Oldfield sings. An easy flowing instrumental, 'Sophie’s Dream'features a viola part that sings. The title track 'Stranger Things' speaks of “Still far from growing old,” with Victoria singing about memories, “those incredible things.” Rolling piano keys dance into close. 'Quit the Game' is evocative, a number that radiates and resonates. “I’m going to quit the game before it’s too late.” 'Blue Sky' too is wise. “Blue skies to lift you high/Fairy tales and long forgotten plans are the glue that holds you tight.” The lyric for 'The Waves' creates a beautiful image. “The waves they come/Sweep across the shore/So cool and calm/I travel in your arms.” “I need you” is the lyric, “You sing my songs/I’ll sing yours every day.” 'Still in It' states “All I want to be is close to you.” On the closer 'Cobwebs' with piano keys rolling, Gypsyfingers are once again captured in their ethereal mellifluous flow. 'Stranger Things' is a fine evocative effort. A genuine healing muse.

Track Listing:-
1 Half World
2 Hey Maria
3 The Bay
4 Bruised
5 Sophie's Dream
6 Stranger Things
7 Quit the Game
8 Blue Sky
9 The Waves
10 Still in It
11 Cobwebs

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Circus Life (2014)
Irresistible, hard-to-define debut album from GypsyFingers, the project of singer-songwriter Victoria Coghlan and producer and engineer Luke Oldfield

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