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Matthews Southern Comfort - Like a Radio

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 15 / 4 / 2018

Matthews Southern Comfort - Like a Radio
Label: Mig Music
Format: CD


Impressive latest album from country rock/folk outfit Matthews Southern Comfort, the project of former Fairport Convention member Iain Matthews

Matthews Southern Comfort are most famous for the 1970 global hit 'Woodstock'. But the band, still fronted by Iain Matthews, are back now with a new album, 'Like a Radio'. This is a follow-up to their 2010 release, 'Kind of New'. The current band includes Dutch musicians Bart Jan Baartmans, Bart de Win and Eric De Vries. Iain Matthews comments, “It is actually almost 50 years now since I left Fairport Convention in 1969 to break out on my own. And all these years later, I find the ideas and songs keep coming. With the new band line-up, 'Like a Radio' is a continuation of that journey. “Several of my compositions on this album morphed from originally being something else into their final identity. 'Bits and Pieces' is an example. I always had the feeling that song wasn't quite finished. Then, during preparations for 'Like a Radio', I rediscovered the tune and penned new lyrics to it. I have moved to live in the Netherlands and the song is about being in any particular place and trying to fit in, knowing you never will. I'll always be that songwriter guy who married a local girl and stayed – but I'll never quite blend in.” 'Like a Radio' is a good album. Iain Matthews still performs strongly, his voice have lost none of its power - and Baartmans' electric guitarwork is skilful, echoing the Matthews Southern Comfort sound of the 70s. By contrast, de Win'a keyboards add something refreshingly new. Opening track 'The Thought Police' is interesting with simple acoustic guitar and 'Age of Isolation' is another accomplished number. Matthews Southern Comfort deserve continuing success - and hopefully 'Like a Radio' will help them achieve that.

Track Listing:-
1 The Thought Police
2 Like a Radio
3 The Age of Isolation
4 Bits and Pieces
5 Darcy Farrow
6 Crystals on the Glass
7 Been Down so Long
8 Jive Pajamas
9 Phoenix Rising
10 To Love
11 Right as Rain
12 Chasing Rainbows
13 Something in the Way She Moves
14 A Heartless Night
15 Your Cake and Eat It

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The New MIne (2020)
Distinctive folk-rock/Americana on latest album from Matthews Southern Comfort, the band of former Fairport Convention vocalist Iain Matthews

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