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Beaches - Second of Spring

  by Paul Waller

published: 19 / 11 / 2017

Beaches - Second of Spring
Label: Chapter Music
Format: CD


Exciting yet overlong return from Australian rock space trippers Beaches

First off, surely I can not be the only one that can hear the massive influence of 'Faith' to 'Disintegration' era Cure on this beast of a record. I say "beast" because it seems to go on forever... ...ever But it's not a diss in. Well, I think it's not. Beaches have honed in a spaced out, cheerful niche that not many other bands of their ilk explore...yet in a year when Slowdive has made an absolute killing in spin time on my turntable a record this long is a bit of a push when all I have to do for my space rock, bliss out is press play on the aforementioned band's self-titled platter. But please don't let this statement put you off. Tracks such as 'Contact' and 'Golden' creep up on you with the intention of firmly implanting their hooks in your psyche. But still, there is so much to get through it's almost crazy and after five full listens through now I still don't have a grip on it. I must admit the overall vibe is wonderfully positive and in the song 'Be' I think they have crafted my very favourite song of theirs. But I don't know - it's like the sprawling work of a lunatic - if you have the time and you pick it apart you'll find genius within the madness.

Track Listing:-
1 Turning
2 Void
3 September
4 Be
5 Natural Tradition
6 Calendar
7 Contact
8 Divers
9 Wine
10 Arrow
11 When You're Gone
12 Golden
13 Walk Around
14 Bronze Age Babies
15 Grey Colours
16 Mothers and Daughters
17 Mutual Delusion

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