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Triggerfinger - Colossus

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 19 / 11 / 2017

Triggerfinger - Colossus
Label: Mascot Label
Format: CD


Fifth album from Belgian experimental rockers Triggerfinger that proves challenging but ultimately worthwhile listening

Triggerfinger are a Belgian three piece consisting of Ruben Black, Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goosens. Triggerfinger have gigged with some of the biggest names in rock including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Within Temptation, Clutch and Therapy over the last few years. ‘Colossus’ is the band's fifth studio album and saw the Antwerp natives push themselves out of their comfort zone to come up with something that is both special and which is also a departure from their previous work in an attempt to keep things fresh. Their adopted motto for the creation of ‘Colossus’ was "anything goes", and this is pretty evident listening through the album. At times it does feel like the album is a bit all over the place but a few listens through and you start to get a feel for the sound. The sound is definitely a departure from the band's previous releases which were very much in the more progressive stoner region – think latter Queens Of The Stone Age and you’re in the right sort of area. Renowned Producer Mitchel Froom was at the helm for the recording of ‘Colossus’, which saw them relocate to Santa Monica furthering that anti-comfort zone by several thousand miles. At times the band got rid of the guitars and instead opted for a duel bass guitar approach. Luckily for them this just added more of a groove and didn’t veer off down the Derek Smalls root. ‘Candy Killer’ with its sleazy, late night haze is a perfect example of how this Is pulled off, whereas ‘Upstairs Box’ finds the two-bass approach going into more of a whirling low end feel, sounding a bit like XTC on a trip through hell. ‘Bring Me Back a Live Wild One’ sees Froom’s Saxophonic contributions in full swing as Triggerfinger yet again venture into an almost dirty disco feel. ‘Breathlessness’ and ‘Steady Me’ see the band stretching their experimental muscles more. There’s a multitude of digital and percussive sounds scattered around which sounds a bit like Hot Chip or Holy Fuck taking on Faith No More songs, as there’s a deranged quality to them. This backdrop of noises feels a bit like a linking theme throughout the album and ties the initial loose ends together. Two of my personal favourite tracks on the album ‘Flesh Tight’ and title track ‘Colossus’ really remind me of fellow Belgian band Millionaire which is a huge compliment as they have a similar patient energy about them. ‘Woolensak Walk’ sees the band go full future country (if that’s even a thing yet), while the City And Colour-esque ‘Afterglow’ also sees extending themselves.‘Colossus’ is very much a grower. The initial feelings of disjointedness seemed to fall off layer by layer the more I listened to this album, so give it a bit of time and it’ll burrow into your head.

Track Listing:-
1 Colossus
2 Flesh Tight
3 Candy Killer
4 Upstairs Box
5 Afterglow
6 Breathlessness
7 That'll Be The Day
8 Bring Me Back a Live Wild One
9 Steady Me
10 Wollensak Walk

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