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Renee Forrester - Galaxy Girl

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 18 / 7 / 2017

Renee Forrester - Galaxy Girl
Label: Renee Forrester
Format: Download


Former Moon Band member Renee Forrester releases a digital taster for her forthcoming solo album which is an absolute treat for fans of psychedelic folk

Originally from California but now residing on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, Renee first came to not only our attention but to many others too a couple of years ago with the release of an album she recorded with her then partner Nicholas Tomlinson under the name of the Moon Band. It was a wonderful 60's-influenced set of songs; Renee wrote around half of the songs on the album and apart from featuring her poignant vocals she also played guitar, Autoharp, banjo and recorders on the album. Sadly the Moon Band is no more but Renee has continued making music solo, which is where she was before the Moon Band took shape. Renee is currently working on a new album on which she will play all the instruments herself; she has set up a small studio on a farm and, while pastoral could be used to describe much of her previous work, the two songs that have so far been released digitally from the forthcoming album display that side of her music even more fully than before. Renee’s vocals have been described as being dreamlike before and there’s little change on these two songs. When not harmonising with herself Renee’s vocals are best described as fragile. They float over and around the delicate melodies that she’s wrapped her lyrics in. The result is a captivating, natural sound, perfect for lazy sunny days strolling through the forest while shutting the problems of this world out although no doubt when the album is released there will be songs to soundtrack the darker autumn days as well. Both songs, ‘Galaxy Girl’ and ‘How To Say Goodbye’ are cut from a similar cloth, both are seeped in what we’ve now come to accept as freak-folk or whatever tag it’s being given this month; a nod to the psych-tinged folk that emanated in the 60's but given a slight contemporary makeover. Apart from the spine-tingling moments that appear when those harmonies are dropped in from above what does stand out here is Renee’s skill on whatever instrument she is using to dress her lyrics in. For those who first heard Renee via the Moon Band and were under the impression that it was Nicholas Tomlinson who provided most of the music, then these two songs will come as something of a surprise. Renee’s a talented musician in her own right, her guitar playing is more than impressive and given that she’s has achieved this sound in her own small studio set-up is even more remarkable. Hearing her gorgeous vocals alone on ‘How to Say Goodbye’ is enough to make you want to hit the replay button, but once you’ve been captured by her voice and listen to what else is happening in the song you begin to appreciate just how impressive her guitar playing is too. While both songs could loosely be connected to her work with the Moon Band when stripped back to just her voice and minimal musical accompaniment Renee’s songs really shine. Her surroundings have no doubt played a part in bringing Renee’s pastoral leanings to the fore with this release. If the forthcoming album is only a fraction as beguiling as these two offerings we are still in for a treat. Head to www.reneeforrester.bandcamp.com and grab a taste of early summer.

Track Listing:-
1 Galaxy Girl
2 How to Say Goodbye

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