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Galactic - Coolin’ Off/Crazyhorse Mongoose

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 12 / 6 / 2017

Galactic - Coolin’ Off/Crazyhorse Mongoose
Label: Retroworld
Format: CD


New Orleans band Galactic keep the city's musical torch alight with the re-release of their first two albums.

Galactic hail from New Orleans and first burst onto their native scene just over twenty years ago. They predominantly line up with guitarists Stanton Moore and Jeff Raines, bassist Robert Mercurio, drummer Rich Vogel and occasional vocalist Theryl 'Mouse Man' DeClouet (who is not an actual mouse disappointingly). This re-release features Galactic's first two albums, their 1996 debut 'Coolin' Off' and its follow-up 'Crazyhorse Mongoose' from 1998. The albums flow seamlessly throughout. 'Crazy Horse Mongoose' has more of a soulful/lounge jazz edge and has more production value to it whereas 'Coolin' Off' has more of a funky/up-beat/ experimental jazz lean to it and at points sounds like it could have been recorded live. Both albums are well-rounded and hark back to all of the classic soulful, jazzy, funky and blues artists that have made New Orleans their home and those that made a name for themselves playing in the city. There are hints of two of the most loved New Orleans artists of all, Dr. John and the Meters. I found a real Meters strut throughout 'Coolin' Off' with the slightly behind-the-beat rhythm that smacks of that laid-back, sunkissed do-it-in your own time and own style New Orleans feel. From the very first track 'Go Go' there is a groove that is just so natural and funky. Absolutely nobody at any point on either of these two albums is in a hurry. That's for sure. Wherever Galactic are going they're getting there in their own time. Galactic play so well together that using the word "tight" to describe the way that they play feels unjust to me as "tight" conjures up a calculated and robotic approach, whereas what Galactic do is all feel. Look no further than 'Doo Rag' for the perfect example of this with its organs which are set to the filthiest groove you could ever hope for. People could get pregnant just listening to it. 'Something's Wrong With This Picture', and 'Funky Bird' are definitely tunes for Meters fans to seek out with their groove-laden bass lines. Another artist I found myself being reminded of at times was Captain Beefheart. The vocal-led 'Start From Scratch' and 'Love on the Run', both of which appear on 'Cannibal Mongoose', have that feel of his classic albums. Whilst the comparisons are not hard to find Galactic are in no way pretenders. It is obvious that they are the real thing.

Track Listing:-
1 Go Go
2 Welcome To New Orleans
3 Something's Wrong With This Picture
4 Funky Bird
5 Stax Jam
6 Church
7 On The One
8 Mystery Tube
9 Doo Rag
10 Percussion Interlude
11 Everybody Wants Some (Part 1)
12 Everybody Wants Some (Part 2)
13 Everybody Wants Some (Part 3)
14 Goodnight
15 Hamp's Hump
16 Love On The Run
17 Crazyhorse Mongoose
18 Witch Doctor
19 Metermaid
20 Change My Ways (Part 1)
21 Change My Ways (Part 2)
22 Denny's Village Rundown
23 Tighten Your Wig
24 Cafe Declouet
25 Start From Scratch
26 Quiet Please
27 Get A Head On

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