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Those Unfortunates - Nothing Isn't Beautiful

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 8 / 5 / 2017

Those Unfortunates - Nothing Isn't Beautiful
Label: Midnight Bell
Format: CD


Wistful and lyrical debut album from melancholic London-based art rock act Those Unfortunates

'Nothing Isn’t Beautiful' is the debut album of London’s Those Unfortunates, and if you like your life soundtrack to be intelligent, wistful and with a literary bent, then this just could be the album for you. But you have to give this band the time of repeated listenings, as in this many riches lie. Those Unfortunates politely knock at your study door, rather than banging loudly for your attention. This is an album of Englishness, and evokes such creative and artistic touchstones as The Kinks, XTC, Pink Floyd during the Syd Barrett era and Philip Larkin – yes the famous curmudgeonly Hull poet. A sensitivity runs through the songwriting, which at times does threaten to buckle under its own melancholy, but thankfully doesn’t, mainly thanks to tracks such as 'In Lavender', which is a real joyful foot-tapper. 'The Consolations of the Life' I Know kicks off proceedings with a lovely relaxed groove and confessional lyric, complete with the lovely Larkian line “I check the sink for hairs” which could be a quote from his 'Whitsun Weddings'. 'Nothing Day' is a short, delightful ditty reminiscent of the Floyd Barrett era. 'A Question for Mr Richardson' (a good English name) ups the tempo and mood a notch, with a vocal delivery of Gedgian proportions. Infectious. It could also be viewed that these compositions reflect not only life events and growing up, but also about London. 'A Song for Brampton Court' is a lovely meditation on a new home and a future of promise; 'On Butterfield Green', where “time never passes” is perhaps a reply to another song about a field penned by a famous Liverpool combo…Again the literary theme is evident by the names of the adjacent roads – Milton and Shakespeare. It is a lovely evocation of tranquility and safety. 'Interlude' is a pastoral instrumental, that evokes the poetry of John Clare, to these ears at least. 'Two Small Windows' conjures up the village square, warm beer and Maypoles…. 'Nothing Isn’t Beautiful' is a considered collection of compositions that bare its richness with repeated listenings. With each visit you will discover something new; a subtle guitar line, a lyric that makes you reflect….This is an album perfect for an English summer’s afternoon – perhaps even sitting on Butterfield Green – with a good book and your favourite beverages easily to hand. And through the shimmering sun let these songs evoke the memories of your life, and let them soak into you like linseed on aged willow.

Track Listing:-
1 The Consolations of the Life I Know
2 Nothing Day
3 A Question for Mr Richardson
4 A Repertory Man
5 A Song for Brampton Court
6 Butterfield Green
7 Interlude
8 Cherrystone Song
9 This Beautiful Dream
10 In Lavender
11 All Is Real
12 The Café at Golders Green
13 Two Small Windows

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