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Ashley Hutchings - Street Cries

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 8 / 5 / 2017

Ashley Hutchings - Street Cries
Label: Talking Elephant
Format: CD


Fine reworking with an array of heavyweight guest appearances of his late 1990's album from legendary English folk rock singer-songwriter Ashley Hutchings

Bob Dylan once described Ashley Hutchings as “the single most important figure in English folk rock” - and recently Ashley has been reviewing his earlier work to make it even more relevant to today's audience. His next release - in late June by Talking Elephant Records - will be 'Street Cries', a unique album of dark traditional songs re-cast for the 21st century. Originally released almost two decades ago by Topic Records, 'Street Cries' was acclaimed by the late John Peel and Ashley Hutchinfs has always considered it one of the best of the 94 albums he has made. The new version of the record features twelve traditional songs re-interpreted to make them easy for a 21st century audience to appreciate. He recasts the characters from the past into everyday 21st century situations so the songs' dark tales are accessible to all. Ashley Hutchings chose carefully the artists he collaborated with on each individual track. Their contrasting styles are instantly recognisable and range from the jauntiness of Vin Garbutt to the brooding sombreness of Steve Knightly, Dick Gaughan and June Tabor. There's also the delicate lamenting of Cara Dillon and the wonderfully jazzy ambience of Helen Watson and Pete Zorn. To stress that this is a modern transformation of 'Street Cries', some “Banksy”- inspired artwork adorns the album's cover.

Track Listing:-
1 Doing Time To Fit Your Crime
2 Damn The Day
3 He's Young But He's Growing
4 Young Henry Martin
5 Salford Girls
6 He Ran Out Of Road
7 Endless Pages
8 A Drummer Won My Love
9 Three Jolly Burglars
10 The Shape Of A Girl
11 These Cold Lips
12 I'm A Poor Dress Maker

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